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Moran was right: It's a two-man race (just not the two guys he thought)

by: aznew

Thu Apr 09, 2009 at 01:54:55 PM EDT

Seriously, this is great news!. Creigh has $1.2 million cash on hand.

This is huge news. Obviously, Creigh is behind McAuliffe, but the fact that he is ahead of Moran with respect to cash on hand as of today crates an entirely new dynamic on this race.

Could it be time for Brian Moran to drop out and throw his support to Creigh?

(Letter from Creigh to supporters reproduced after the jump)

aznew :: Moran was right: It's a two-man race (just not the two guys he thought)
Alan --

I wanted you to be the first to know that we proved the pundits wrong.

I am excited to announce that I was able to raise more money in 44 days than the previous 6 months -- and now my campaign has $1.2 million cash-on-hand.


Some people said that it was foolish of me to give up 46 days of campaign fundraising in order to stay and fight for you in the Virginia Senate.  They said that I had no shot of keeping up with my opponents.

But as we've said all along, we are on track to have the resources we need to let every Democratic primary voter know I'm the one candidate who's best prepared to continue the legacy of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.


My opponents had twice as much time to fundraise.  Brian Moran even resigned his seat so he could raise money full-time for his campaign, but it didn't pay off.  I now have 41 percent more cash on-hand than Brian.

I'm also so proud that because of our growing support statewide, 97 percent of our contributions came from Virginians like you.

But to take on Terry McAuliffe and win the nomination on June 9th, we need to keep building on our success. Contribute today.

It means so much to me to have your support.

Thank you,

Creigh Deeds

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I just posted on this myself!
Was waiting for these numbers. This has me grinning.
I find this particularly compelling:

I'm also so proud that because of our growing support statewide, 97 percent of our contributions came from Virginians like you.

A big, big difference between him and..oh, say....TMac:

Terry McAuliffe, the longtime fund-raiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton, reported a remarkable $4.2 million in first quarter fundraising for his Virginia gubernatorial campaign. Perhaps under-reported, however, was that just 18 percent -- $760,000 -- of his total take came from in-state donors.

Emphasis mine.

Of course, given that the email never mentioned how much was raised in total this quarter, it is probably safe to assume that Brian raised more than Creigh, and just spent more this quarter.

Has Creigh even been spending any money?
I haven't seen any sign of it.  How many offices and staffers does he have?  Has he been making any ad buys?  Fishingincrisis is making a good point.  

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