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Virginia Tech 32-Lie in to Protest Easy Gun Laws

by: Aimee Fausser

Sun Apr 12, 2009 at 12:59:43 PM EDT

On Thursday, April 16, I will be leading a student led peaceful protest to commemorate the second anniversary of the shooting massacre at Virginia Tech, and an attempt to change some of the lax gun laws in Virginia and nationwide that allow criminals to easily purchase guns.

Exact place and time are to be determined, but we are planning on doing the lie-in sometime in the afternoon on April 16. The facebook group for the event is here:

We will lie down on the ground for three minutes in silence. Three minutes is the length of time it took the Virginia Tech shooter to purchase his weapon.

Some facts about guns and the gun show loophole:
33 states, including Virginia, have not yet closed their gun show loopholes.

The gun show loophole makes it possible for potential criminals to easily buy guns, no questions asked. Omar Samaha, brother of Reema Samaha, recently was part of a news story on just how easy it is to buy these guns.

87% of Americans want the gun show loophole to be closed, and 83% of gun owners also stand with us.

20/20 ran a special highlighting gun safety issues in the classroom setting and on the gun show loophole. You can find that information here.

Aimee Fausser :: Virginia Tech 32-Lie in to Protest Easy Gun Laws
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The quickest path
to Democratic electoral losses?
Calls for gun control.
If the NICS had been properly implemented, Cho would not have been able to get those guns.
And to use memory of a tragedy to push a political agenda is not something I would do.
Bush did it after 9/11, you know. Think Patriot Act.

It's not so simple
If Cho were alive today, he wouldn't have been able to buy guns the way he did, but it would have been very easy for him to purchase guns at a gun show the way that Omar did in the article I linked. The friends and families--and some of the victims themselves--who are participating in this feel that it is the best way to move on from what happened and will save lives.
Additionally, we are being very careful not to schedule this at a time when it would disrupt any of the events on the 16th.

[ Parent ]
you make gun control a campaign issue for a Dem, and that person WILL lose the election.
Or for a Republican, for that matter.
Ask Chap Petersen what helped him beat JMDD.
People do not want gun control.
The Republicans controlled the Congress for ten years, the White House for eight, and managed to stick two hard right conservatives on the Supreme Court...yet Roe vs. Wade stuill stands.
Because people want it there.
Calls for gun control are a huge part of what cost uus the Congress in '96.
People don't want it.
They didn't want it then, and they don't want it now.
All you do with protests like this is energize the right and give them talking points to use against us.
That's all.
And another problem: a Virginia CHP is void on the Tech Campus.
No good there.
If one law-abiding, lawfully permitted individual had met Cho along the path of his killing spree?
We might have been looking at three dead instead of thirty-three.
Here, you fall into the typical knee-jerk reaction of blaming the implements for the implementers' actions.
What if Cho had driven a car through a crowded parking lot and killed 33 people?
Would you now be calling for car control?
Think about it.

[ Parent ]
Your comments show how misinformed you are
As documented in the links I provide, even trained individuals would not have been able to have stopped this tragedy from happening.
Closing the gun show loophole will save lives, and further legitimize gun owners who are lawfully eligible to purchase guns. All I am arguing for is that you would have to show ID and get a background check. This isn't further gun control, it's making sure the current laws don't have loopholes.

[ Parent ]
The root cause
I thought the root cause of the Virginia Tech Massacre was the mental health of the perpetrator.  His purchasing of the instruments to commit the crime was secondary.  Seems to me if you don't focus on the root cause, you can make it as difficult as you like to buy guns and still not solve the problem.

Mental health is another critical issue to address
But closing this loophole is something simple that can be done to save lives. That is not to say that those supporting this cause do not also support mental health reform--many of the group have been active advocates at the state and national level for reform.

[ Parent ]
A New Rasmussen Poll
should give you a boost.  According to their poll:
Seventy-six percent (76%) say Virginia should require all sellers at gun shows to do background checks on buyers. Just 17 percent disagree.

The main part of the poll is not as sunny on the gubernatorial race as those PPP polls.  You can see their full poll here.

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