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POLL: Kenton Ngo Is Going to College Somewhere (Final Round)

by: Kenton Ngo

Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 04:39:20 PM EDT

And then there were two.

Long story short, I've been offered a spot at Virginia Tech, and offered a spot on the waitlist at William & Mary (and, incidentally, rejected at James Madison). In other words, I'm about as far from a decision as I was a year ago.

Dear readers, I present a poll. Thanks to your loyal support over the years, I was able to pound endlessly about my time in politics and the blogging world over and over again as my silver bullet extracurricular. You had a part to play in getting these letters to me, and now I'm asking for your advice. (In case it wasn't immediately obvious, I'm going to be a political science major.)

So what now?

Should I go to Virginia Tech and decline a spot on William and Mary's waitlist? Should I play it like a true politician and turn in a deposit and accept a spot on the waitlist? And in the event I'm accepted off the waitlist, where should I go?

Will colonial Williamsburg ready their cannons at the first warning that I'm invading? Will Blacksburg recoil when they spot me barreling up the mountain?

Fight it out, alumni and all. Vote below. Polls will close at 5 PM on Thursday, April 23.

Kenton Ngo :: POLL: Kenton Ngo Is Going to College Somewhere (Final Round)
What should I do?
Accept spot on W&M waitlist
Decline spot on W&M waitlist


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Doesn't hurt to take a spot on the waitlist
Though I personally think that VT fits you better as a person as well as academically.

Somehow, I think
you'd in very well at VT. But be a pol, and accept the waitlist offer, too....

I expect I'll actually be voting for you, some day.

[ Parent ]
hmmm, are there any negatives of accepting the waitlist?
who has a better poli sci school? VT has better sports, seems to be more fun overall (but i might get pounded for this, i'm sure W and M is fun too!)  

A few weeks of uncertainty and lots of effort lobbying for the slim chance I might get off the waitlist.

[ Parent ]
Let's go Hokies!
You know you're a Hokie at heart!

He'd have way more fun at VT :) and there's tons of organizing to be done in SWVA.

[ Parent ]
Don't be a No0B
I hope you get into William and Mary- my sister got waitlisted here too, but accepted at UVA. But you gotta try to go here, you'd fit in perfectly. Come pay us a visit bro!

Let's be honest
Do you really want to go to a school that couldn't set up live streaming video for a debate?


That said, Richmond is a long way from Blacksburg. I don't know that you could handle being that far away from the GA.

I'd hate to see you go to W&M; (or UVA) and get stuck up. Mason, Madison and Tech graduates don't usually have that problem. Stay grounded: go to Tech.

Stuck up!
I object to that sir!

Only 78% of William and Mary kids are stuck up!  Compared to 93% at UVA, and yes, a relatively small 52% at Tech.

Kenton can totally stay above that.

[ Parent ]
So not all kids
at W&M; are stuck up. I can see how the football and basketball teams don't have much to be proud about.

[ Parent ]
Go Tribe!
Kenton, it took until the beginning of June, but I got off the waitlist at WM.  Great choice to go there.  Sunny, lovely Williamsburg (I like Blacksburg too).

To whomever asked about polisci:

WM has a superb program.  Highlights (tenured professors) include:

Ronald Rapopport (;=VA&zip;=&employ;=&cand;=&c2008;=Y&c2006;=Y&c2004;=Y&sort;=N&capcode;=bd7gn&submit;=Submit) - expert in political polling, and one of the biggest donors in Democratic politics.

John McGlennon, local county supervisor and know-all in state/local politics.

George Grayson, former member of the House of Delegates.  Outspoken and liberal, he made a lot of enemies in Richmond, and he continues to do so as Academia's top Mexican Politics scholar and proponent of "immigration reform."

Larry Evans, member of our country's elite group of congressional scholars, personally an expert in the Senate and, in particular, the whip count.

Along with many younger professors specializing in topics ranging from international economics to terrorism to political philosophy.

And that's just if you want to be a Government major!  There's much more at William & Mary - it's big enough to have much to choose from but small enough to be known as the guy with the badass cameras that everyone knows, if you so please.

Plus, William & Mary YDs = awesome.  And we have a superb General Assembly internship program organized by yours truly.

Pay the deposit or whatever for VT, accept the spot, then call them to rescind if you get off the WM Waitlist, that's how these things worked, that's exactly what I did (my other school was Boston College)

Always here for further questions and Tribe-promotion,


tribe pride
I'm a proud alum of W&M; and can't think of a better advertisement for the school than this:

In all seriousness, it's a great school and you should stay on the wait list to at least see what happens.  

Rejected from Madison really? How the heck did that happen.  My alma matter is getting crazy on the whole admissions thing.

Go to Tech its much more like the real world and you will have a much more diversified contact list for when you enter politics.  You need to break out of the NoVa bubble which will follow you at William and Mary.


(N)go Hokies!
First and foremost, DEFINITELY put in a deposit at Tech. Nothing would suck more than not accepting a spot at Tech, and then not getting off the wait list (and it is statistically likely that you won't get off of it).

It's unquestionable that William and Mary's poly-sci program has a better reputation. Won't deny that. However, speaking as someone who was waitlisted at UVa and thought the world would end if he got a poly-sci major at Tech, I have been absolutely blown away by the program here. I've had phenomenal professors in my political science courses across the board (recommendations: Lavin, Faulkner, Weisband, Taylor, Nelson, to name a few).

Additionally, Tech offers a community you just won't find at W&M.; I could list at least five friends who are unhappy with their experience at W&M;, and I go to Tech and could probably only list one or two people I know who aren't having a great time.

Come to VT, Kenton! Since Aimee is leaving, we need a rep from NDP to be down here next fall!

I love the polisci and international studies departments here. They are absolutely amazing.

[ Parent ]
Kenton, when it comes time for you to find a wife, I hope you don't put the question up to a poll...  ;-)

I can't say I know these schools well enough to give the definitive answer, but I sense you'd feel more plugged in to what's going on in the state if you were at Williamsburg than Blacksburg.

But please try not to embarrass those professors whom you'll know more than...

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