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Star City Harbinger - a fair judgment?

by: GingerBrandon

Sun May 17, 2009 at 07:07:23 PM EDT

( - promoted by Aimee Fausser)

Check out

There are many allegations contained in this one website.  Let's see how fair they are:

1. Washington Post article
As I'm sure many of you know, the gist of this article calls out Terry on what he says he's going to do for Virginia job-wise.  It's embarrassing on McAuliffe's part that his talking point of creating five companies in Virginia is a stretched lie.

2. DNC chair
Terry did both good and bad things as DNC chair.  He raised it out of debt for the first time ever.  Terry has the uncanny ability to raise money for pretty much anything or anyone.  He certainly brought that to the table.  Now, there was a net loss of representative and senate seats but I don't think we should hold that against him.  There are a million factors that go into winning these seats such as the political environment and the quality of candidates.  2004 was not the best year to be a Democrat.  I frankly couldn't get excited about John Kerry as a candidate and we were in time where the Iraq War was extremely popular.  The American people tend to love Republicans for that reason.

GingerBrandon :: - a fair judgment?
3. Global Crossing
I think it's an unfair assumption that Terry basically caused two companies to fail.  It would be a nice world if every company you invested in succeeded but it doesn't work that way.  Some companies are going to fail.  And when you have a lot of money, you tend to be the frontrunner and it's easy to place the blame.

4. Telenergy
While it might be a little shady that Terry sat on the board for both companies, most people would do the same thing.  When you're in the thick of things, you tend to think what you're invested in is the best thing there is and so the viable choice would be to use your resources wisely.  I don't think Terry would purposefully set up two companies to fail just so he could profit from it.  If that's the case, what would he have to gain from the governorship?  Public service is hard enough for the dedicated ones, let alone a 'faker.'

5. Banks, S & L's, & Sweetheart Deals
Reading through this part of the website makes me just feel like the author is trying to pin the 'guilty by association' tag throughout all of this.  I don't buy it.

6. Terry McAuliffe & the DLC and BLC
I don't really get the point of this article.  So Terry's not as progressive as some may want?  So what?  We already knew he was a huge business guy so it would make sense for him to align with the DLC.  The lobbying exchange scares me but so does a non cited claim.

7. Surry Coal Plant
With this topic, I don't think it has arguments that are solely Democratic or Republican.  It's bad for the environment, yes, but also these plants go in places that are dying for jobs.  I'm against the plant but I can see why people may be for it.  It's hard to consider the long-term benefits when the short-term problems are so overwhelming.

8. offshore drilling
I agree with most of this article in that agreeing to natural gas and not oil drilling offshore muddles the issue.  Then again, how many people get to appreciate the coasts to the extent to where these rigs will be?  They will be out of sight of the beaches and few people have the privilege of owning a boat that can travel that distance, if they have one at all.  With how new renewable energy technologies are, it's important to realize that we need to wean ourselves off oil, not cut it off cold turkey.  It's just not possible.

9. Fox News
Democrats going on conservative talk shows is nothing new.  I would encourage it if nothing else.  Fox is a national news station for a reason and that's because a large enough group of Americans share similar beliefs to what Fox says, as scary as it may be to progressive citizens.

10. InPhonic
Another case of 'blame Terry by association.'  I always make it a habit to question out-of-context quotes with no source.

11. DailyKos & Bloggers Against Terry McAuliffe
Part of why so many people don't like Terry (including me) is his big personality.  This is a case of that.  Also, Terry doesn't fit into the perfect progressive box that DailyKos has set up for him.  Boo hoo.

12. on Terry McAuliffe
MoveOn is an extremely liberal organization and Terry is not.  Of course they are not going to like him.

13. U.S. Department of Labor lawsuit
Terry does business with these people and as a result, he's responsible for all their actions?  Hardly.

14. lobbying firm
Companies go where the business is.  What I would love to see is a full list of all their clients.  Who knows, maybe they have had 10,000 clients and these are only ten of them?  We'll never know because there's no source.

15. Ed Rogers, Money, & Lobbying

16. McAuliffe, Kelly and Raffaelli: Turkey & Torture
already covered this.

17. Money from Federal City National Bank
Here's some good dirt.  Uh oh on having to get outside management to come rescue the bank.  I just don't know how loaning money to corrupt people proves that that bank is a bad bank.  I need a little more involvement than that.

18.The McAuliffe - Lindner Connection
The reeks of conspiracy theories and that just makes me want to reach for my tin hat.  Newsflash: there are corrupt business people and Terry knows some of them.  This is like the Ayers scandal with Obama.  Just because you know a corrupt businessman doesn't make you a corrupt businessman.

19. No Virginia Business Experience
Already covered this.  A shallow talking point by McAuliffe.

20. The Lincoln Bedroom
It's a common fundraising tactic to offer people something in exchange for your money.  When you allow it to influence you in the campaign or give them access to things they shouldn't, then it's a problem.  If it's a face-to-face meet-and-greet with a candidate/politician, then I say no harm done.  Terry's efforts are the latter if the article is correct.

This article turned out longer than anticipated but I hope I provided a balanced view of the 'scandals' of McAuliffe.

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