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About the attacks from McAuliffe

by: Todd Smyth

Thu May 28, 2009 at 11:16:42 AM EDT

( - promoted by Aimee Fausser)

You may have received a mailer from Terry McAuliffe recently attacking Brian Moran and you may be asking yourself, why would Terry go negative this late in the campaign after supposedly being so far ahead in the polls and after promising he would never attack another Democrat?

Well, they are probably seeing what we have seen for the past few months.  Terry is not Barack Obama and the turnout is not shaping up to be what they had hoped for.  They have probably narrowed their call universe from all Democrats to just the people who have actually voted in a Democratic primary before and are seeing that Terry is actually behind all over the state and undecideds are mostly breaking for Creigh and Brian.  Ooops!

Todd Smyth :: About the attacks from McAuliffe
People who actually vote in Democratic primaries agree with political analyst Mark Plotkin, who just this morning said:

"Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds are qualified to be governor. Terry McAuliffe is not."

Mark Plotkin Disses McAuliffe

There is a big difference between people who say they will vote and people who actually vote in Democratic primaries.  The public polls are talking to all registered voters and are including way too many independents and Republicans, who will not be voting in our primary. They are over projecting the turn out statewide and under counting the typical turnout in Northern VA.

The reality is this primary will have about a 4% turnout state wide and that means your vote will have 10 times the impact it had in last years primary and about 18 times the impact from this last November. The same is true for every voter you talk to in the next 12 days on behalf of Brian Moran.

When we talk to people who have actually voted in a Democratic primary before, Brian is way ahead but there are still many voters who are undecided and when we talk to them and explain Brian's positions, it makes a big difference.  If you want Brian Moran to win this primary, please plan on spending at least an hour each day/evening calling voters and talking to them about Brian. You can go to one of the campaign offices at the link below or use the online phone from home tool further below.

Brian Moran Campaign Offices

The online phone banking tool makes it easy for you to call voters in Northern Virginia and help get them out to vote for Brian on June 9th.  Please click on the link below and start calling (6-9pm week day evenings and 9am-9pm on weekends).

Brian Moran Online Phone Bank

We need you to help identify voters who are already supporting Brian so we can make sure they vote.  We also need you to identify people who are leaning toward Brian or are undecided, so we can talk to them and explain Brian's positions.

Here are some important points about Brian:

Public Service - Brian has been in public service his entire professional life.  First as a prosecutor in Arlington and then as a state Delegate and leader in the Virginia Assembly.  Brian has spent 20 years fighting for the people of Virginia.

Dealing with Gridlock - The House of Delegates is our biggest road block in Virginia.  In addition to Democratic and Republican differences, there are  regional differences.   Brian is the only candidate who spent the last 12 years in the House of Delegates and is best suited to deal with the gridlock to get legislation passed as governor.

Renewable Energy and Jobs - Brian Moran was the first candidate to call for a 25% renewable energy mandate and is the only candidate to show his commitment to renewable energy by opposing offshore drilling and the new coal plant in Surry, near Williamsburg.  This is what we need to create the most new green jobs to both help our economy and clean our environment.

Energy Efficiency and Jobs - Brian is the only candidate fighting for "decoupling," which means changing the way profits are calculated by electric companies.  Right now, the more electricity we use, the more money the electric companies make.  Decoupling would create incentives to implement large scale energy efficiency programs like weatherization, retro and new green building codes, energy star appliance standards and passive solar, which are the least expensive options that would also create jobs.

A recent independent study showed that Virginia can recover 19% of our electricity by implementing efficiency programs already being used by other states.  Brian is the only candidate who understands we have to make bold moves now to create enough green jobs to both help our economy and clean our environment.

Equality - Brian is the only candidate for governor who voted and campaigned against the Marshall-Newman Amendment in 2006 and is the only candidate who has said he will fight to reverse what stands as the worst example of institutionalized discrimination in the US.

Public Safety - Brian lead the fight to expand funding for police to crack down on child sex predators with Alicia's Law.  There is a great video clip of Brian speaking on the House floor appealing to other members to walk the walk on public safety.  It is a great example of how Brian puts his head and heart into what he does.  Go to Youtube and search for "Brian Moran Walk the Walk" and watch the whole thing, Brian get's wound up about half way through.

Brian fighting for Alicia's Law 2007 - Youtube Video

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