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My thoughts on Perriello's Charlottesville Town Hall Meeting

by: Aimee Fausser

Tue Aug 11, 2009 at 10:15:12 PM EDT

I attended Congressman Perriello's town hall meeting at Charlottesville High School tonight. It was generally civil, aside from people shouting here and there, but there still were a fair number of crazy people. On the way in, the LaRouche people were handing out flyers with Obama and Hitler pictured together and there were people going on rants about everything from birth certificates, to taxes, to the government's "plan" to steal all of our money from our bank accounts.

When I arrived at 6, the room was packed with hundreds of constituents. I would say it was probably a 75%-25% split in favor of the public option (it was easy to tell from everyone's signs!). As the night went on, however, a lot of supporters of the public option left, and the questions that Perriello got asked ended up being a lot more skewed against healthcare reform. I took video of a few of the questions asked near the end and will post it.

Perriello stayed for hours making sure that everyone who wanted to speak had the chance. That speaks volumes to me. He's having more meetings too. Last night, he had one in Greene County. The full list is posted under the cut, along with a few choice quotes from those who are skeptical of a public option.

Aimee Fausser :: My thoughts on Perriello's Charlottesville Town Hall Meeting
Quotes from the town hall meeting:

"And I'm not lettin no federal inspector into my home!"

"If I have to pay taxes to kill people, that doesn't sound much like healthcare."

"This is a culture of death, and a culture of control."

"The reason I didn't give you my name is cause I don't wanna end up on Obamas enemies list"

I truly wonder if any of these people watched Obama's town hall meeting this morning. If they have heard these myths debunked so many times and still believe them, I'm a little concerned about what we can do moving forward.

Future 5th District Town Hall Meetings:

Monday August 17
6 PM
Fluvanna County School Board Office
1445 James Madison Hwy Palmyra

Thursday August 20
Nelson Center
8445 Thomas Nelson Hwy, Lovingston

Monday, August 24
6 PM
Buckingham Middle School
1184 High School Rd

Thursday, August 27th
6 PM
Victory Hall
401 Valley Street, Scottsville

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National Coverage of Perriello's Town Hall
Here's some pretty good national coverage of this town hall:

I hope you can find the time to continue to be this politically active once school starts.

Best of luck!

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