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Albemarle County Supervisor Candidate: School Integration "Force[d] Down People's Throat"

by: Aimee Fausser

Sat Aug 29, 2009 at 04:23:46 PM EDT

I am not making this up.

Rodney Thomas has lived in Charlottesville all his life. He went to Lane High School and as a freshman, was president of the Young Republican Club in 1958, the year Governor Lindsay Almond closed the school rather than integrate it.

"We got along fine," he says of African-American students. "I think it was a pure government thing to force down people throats. Blacks had the best school. We loved to go over there [to Burley]."
In his office at Charlottesville Press, he's listening to "The Schilling Show" when a reporter arrives. A book he's reading currently--  The Hunt for Confederate Gold by Thomas Moore-- is on his desk.

If you were to the author of the book that Rodney Thomas is reading, you would find that Thomas Moore (also of Charlottesville, VA) is Chairman of the Southern National Congress. In his capacity as chairman, Moore has said:

This unfolding tragedy is enveloping all Americans. But we Southerners are the special target of the Regime. Why? To start with, we're the last Christian nation on the planet and we retain some residual commitment to the ideals of Christian liberty held by great Southerners like Patrick Henry, John C. Calhoun, and Jefferson Davis. Second, we're a distinct nation, a separate people, and the last true civilisation in the West. Our culture preserves the vestiges of the once-great civilisation centered on the British Isles and Northern Europe. The imperial elites hate us for this reason as much as any other, because their program of ultimate control depends upon breaking down all such local loyalties, distinctions, and identities with the corrosive acid of "multi-culturalism" and "diversity."

Is Rodney Thomas affiliating with known racists?  Does a candidate for an important county office in a major Virginia jurisdiction really think black students had it "better" during the era of "separate but equal?"  And is this man really defending and taking the side of those who participated in massive resistance, a movement that resulted in dozens of school closures across the state of Virginia, the creation of private "segregation academies," and - in the most extreme cases - the complete closure of some jurisdictions' public school systems?

Is this man for real?

Aimee Fausser :: Albemarle County Supervisor Candidate: School Integration "Force[d] Down People's Throat"
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It never ends
Every time some apologist claims that unreconstituted racism has ended either because of the election of Doug Wilder or Barack Obama or some other event, along comes one of these atavists to remind us how far we must yet travel to bleach out the 400 year old stain of the "original" sin of our Commonwealth and country.

Good Lord, how are such troglodytes accepted in a civil society?

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