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SD37: Crazy Nutjob Announced, Dave Marsden Rumored

by: Kenton Ngo

Mon Nov 09, 2009 at 08:22:39 PM EST

With the elevation of State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli to Attorney General comes a special election to fill his Senate seat. Already the Republican side is crowded with contenders, but most prominent Democratic names have taken themselves out of the running.

The only one so far that has not yet denied a run is Delegate Dave Marsden (right), the sole surviving Democratic pickup from 2005.

Among the Republicans vying for the 37th Senate seat--former School Board member and crazy town wacko Steve Hunt. (Hopefully Hunt wins the nomination, as Marsden has a rather good track record against unabashed social conservatives like 2005 challenger Michael Golden) You might remember him having a holy meltdown about homosexuality, urging teachers to invite "ex-gay" speakers. On his old School Board campaign website was a copy of his 2005 speech to the board about Fairfax's Family Life Education program (better known as "sex ed") in which he rambled on about how he lost his virginity and the traumatic emotional drama that ensued. The cache of his full speech is still up, but here is the relevant portion (emphasis added):

My father and my church taught me that sex was something very special and that it was reserved for marriage.  Unfortunately like many young people trying to justify my desires, I went for the anything but intercourse concept of abstinence, just like the definition of abstinence in the other pamphlet by this same company. That anything but concept resulted in my giving my virginity away in a BOQ room somewhere to a woman that I have not seen in almost 2 decades instead of giving it to the woman that I see almost every night.  A few years ago I attended an abstinence conference. There was a young man that told of how wonderful it was to be able to turn to his new bride and tell her that he had saved himself for her.  And a prior Miss America told of how special it was to be able to turn to her husband on their wedding night and tell him that she had saved herself for him.  It crushed my heart, because I could not turn to my bride and tell her that.  I realized that instead of purity, I had brought into our marriage all of the baggage of each on my relationships.  It is hard enough for two imperfect people to learn to live together without having to overcome that kind of baggage.  I realized that I had weakened the bond that sex is supposed to provide in my marriage relationship and that no matter how good my relationship is with my wife, that it will never be as good as it could have been.  And I will never regain those early years of marriage that could have been so much better.  I realized that I had also contributed to the weakening of that bond in the marriages of the woman with whom I had had relationships.  To the best of my knowledge none of my relationships resulted in a pregnancy and I did not contract any diseases.  (But at the time of my marriage I did not know that - love always protects, ... I had was supposed to provide protection for my bride and I could have brought a disease that could harm or even kill her).  So the safe-sex component provided absolutely no protection from the negative ramifications of premarital sex that have permanently impacted my life.

Now, I can applaud a guy for pouring his heart out like that, but seriously, school board meetings are not the time for that.

Kenton Ngo :: SD37: Crazy Nutjob Announced, Dave Marsden Rumored
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