Join us tomorrow before JJ

By Stephen Davis | February 18, 2011 | 2 Comments

For those of you attending the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner Saturday (and we hope you are), New Dominion Project will be having an informal coffee break at 4 PM at the Cyber Cafe on the 1st floor the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Many NDP Steering Committee members will be gathering to hang out, talk about upcoming plans and more.  Don’t worry - we’ll be done by 4:45 or so - plenty of time to get ready before the receptions start at 6PM!

RSVP is helpful, but not necessary.  Let us know by email, in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.

Mike will also be at events throughout the day, so be sure to let him know what you think about NDP if you run into him!

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2 Responses to Join us tomorrow before JJ

  1. Roland Winston says:

    This looks great Mike. All the Best.

  2. Riley Murray says:

    Game On! This will be fun!

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