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About the New Dominion Project

I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy that some of the divisive folks in Richmond have come to represent a Commonwealth I love with all my heart.  I was raised here and think Virginia is the greatest state in the country precisely because we are dynamic, diverse, and progressive.

When I ran for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor in 2009, it was a constant privilege to meet innovative entrepreneurs, courageous reformers, and passionate civic leaders in my travels across the Commonwealth.  In other words, I believe Virginia is just the opposite of the backward-looking place we too often hear about.

We can’t just roll over for extremists, especially not with so many critical challenges ahead on job creation, energy policy, criminal justice, government reform, education, and health care.

Over the last several months, along with Virginians around the Commonwealth, I launched the New Dominion Project, a political action committee that’s shining a spotlight on the business leaders, activists, and ideas that are taking Virginia to the next level.  We’re focusing on innovation, reform, and unity around Virginia.

NDP’s members are deeply proud of our heritage, our values, and our future.  We know that Virginia is filled with innovative businesses, reform-minded citizens, and Virginians who want to join together for the common good.

NDP exists to create a fresh and authentic voice for progress in Virginia.  Our stories are about real people, not talking points, and solutions, not symbols.  But because they’re not in the business of promoting themselves, these individuals and organizations too often fall through the cracks.  NDP hopes to give them a new voice in the coming months.

NDP is providing Virginians with a fresh, unscripted, optimistic take on solutions for a brighter future in the greatest Commonwealth in the United States.  While NDP will feature many Democrats, our focus is not political party.  On the contrary, we’re reaching out to anyone interested in discovering the ideas and leaders moving Virginia forward.

NDP is a Virginia political action committee and we hope to support political candidates who support NDP’s goals.  If you like what we’re up to, please join us by:

A disclaimer: the writing and opinions on our blog are those of the writers alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of NDP’s Steering Committee.

Finally, we should note that we stand on the shoulders of giants in promoting the idea of a New Dominion.  Governor Jerry Baliles campaigned on a New Dominion in the 1980s, bringing a new energy, imagination, and purpose to governance in Virginia.  In 2009, a group of young bloggers also founded a web site called the New Dominion Project; they have graciously allowed us to use their domain name for this new effort.

Thank you for checking in.  Please bookmark our site and check out our new content regularly.  And we’d love to hear from you.  To give us your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and stories, or to ask for more information, please email us at [email protected].

Many thanks.


Mike Signer
New Dominion Project

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