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Rodney Thomas Opens Mouth Again, Inserts Foot Farther On Race

by: Aimee Fausser

Thu Sep 24, 2009 at 10:22:58 AM EDT

Oh, Rodney Thomas. Every time you open your mouth, you say something more crazy. And every time, you prove you are more unfit for office than the last.

In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago, Albemarle Board of Supervisors candidate Rodney Thomas was quoted in The Hook as saying that integration was "force[d] down people throats." Well, it turns out that Rodney Thomas is doing us all a service by further clarifying his comments. Instead of backtracking, he's actually gone even farther off the deep end, looking more like an awkward racist grandparent at a family reunion than a candidate for major county office. This time, he's even branched out to other races!

In the Daily Progress today, Thomas tries to backtrack, saying "I don't really have an opinion today, whether it's good or bad." He then went on to say that he's always thought integration was necessary. It was really a valiant attempt on his part to cover up the vast amounts of crazy going on in his mind. But instead of stopping there, Rodney Thomas went on to tell us all how he really felt, noting first that he was concerned his comments would be misconstrued. Check this out...I'm not sure it could be construed in a positive light under any case:

I don't know if it helped the black people feel more equal or not. I never was on that side of the coin," Thomas said. "I don't see why I would have been for it. I can't understand why in the world anybody would have been for it back in that time."

He goes on lamenting how terrible it is to have to be politically correct:

"There's certain things that I say, that I've said all of my life. And I really don't want to have to change my vocabulary just to adapt to someone else's politically correct answer to something. I mean, I'm still having a hard time calling Asians, 'Asians.' I still call them 'Orientals,'" Thomas said. "And I have a hard time calling the black people African-Americans. I'm forcing myself to do it...I don't know; do they mind me calling them a Negro anymore? Is that improper also?"

Poor, poor Rodney Thomas, forcing himself to try not to offend people. His life must be so difficult. Oh, and yes. It is, well, to use your words, "improper."

And as a bonus--the quote of the day!

"There is no racial problem within my head. Never has been," Thomas said. "Everybody's fishing for something."


Rodney Thomas is out of touch with reality, out of touch with the Rio District, and flat out unfit to hold office. I urge everyone to donate to his opponent, David Slutzky, today. David has served the Rio District and Albemarle county well, and is committed to finding smart, realistic solutions for the area. We need to make sure that he is re-elected and that Rodney Thomas ends up where he is supposed to--as the crazy old man at the family picnic.

Aimee Fausser :: Rodney Thomas Opens Mouth Again, Inserts Foot Farther On Race
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What does Ken Boyd think of his potential colleague?
I'd be most interested to know whether Ken Boyd is supporting Mr. Thomas and whether he has commented on these, uh, remarks.

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