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Activism around Virginia

By Mike Signer | March 18, 2011 | 2 Comments

Courtesy of Virginia’s terrific Civic Engagement Table, here’s an update on goings-on from a variety of great activist groups around the Commonwealth.  Click on the links below for more info:

Virginia Organizing, Virginia AFL-CIO, Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants, Virginia New Majority, Virginia Sierra Club, CWA Local 2201 and Virginia Education Association supported the public employees and workers in Wisconsin through petitions, rallies and statements to the press condemning Governor McDonnell’s support of the Wisconsin Governor’s extreme tactics.  Press coverage here, here, here, here and here

Chesapeake Climate Action Network kicks off their campaign for offshore wind in Virginia Monday, March 28th in Norfolk.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia asks the Governor to veto devastating and far-reaching new restrictions on abortion providers.

Virginia Conservation Network helps citizens in Southside Virginia protect their drinking water from a proposed uranium mine. Great Op Ed here.

Virginia Education Association defeats attempts in the General Assembly to reduce public school employee retirement benefits.

Virginia Interfaith Center and the Virginia Redistricting Coalition object to the Virginia Congressional delegation’s redistricting plan.

Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund prepares for their 2011 Legislative Conservation Retreat with 9 state legislators and their families in Clarke County April 15-17.  Pics from last year here.

Virginia New Majority traveled to Indiana to support public employees and workers in their fight to preserve worker rights.  Follow their experiences on twitter @vanewmajority

Virginia Organizing celebrates the one year anniversary of the new Health Care Reform Law in Richmond on March 22nd, Petersburg on the 23rd and Danville, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville and Newport News on Friday, March 2nd.

Virginia Sierra Club stands with southwest Virginians on Friday, March 18 when the Virginia State Air Board will hear citizens from the Virginia coalfields speak about the impact of coal dust on their communities.

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2 Responses to Activism around Virginia

  1. Every time we turn around the other side is doing something to hurt people. A list like this is so wonderful to read! And it points us to all of the people doing good things, so that we can find a place to lend a hand where it counts! Everyone should be involved in at least one of these groups or activities.

  2. Mike Signer says:

    Sarah: I completely agree. It’s very inspiring to read this list… and speaking of great groups, the Civic Engagement Table is also excellent. I’m going to visit with them soon in Richmond and will keep the readers of NDP posted.


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