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A Victory for Local Jobs — and Unity — in Loudoun

By Mike Signer | April 6, 2011 | No Comments

We’re often told that progressive goals and economic development are mutually exclusive — usually by opponents of innovation and reform.  Here at NDP, we know this is a false choice.

As we’ve shown recently with our coverage of Virginia businesses, such as Pete Erickson’s Disruptathon in McLean and Brenda Robinson’s Sustainability Park in Chester, nothing could be farther from the truth. Many innovative businesses believe progressive policy increases productivity and investment; and many businesses know they can create new efficiencies and opportunities for profit through sustainability.

This week, there’s more evidence that the cause of local economic investment can create more Virginia jobs, while bridging gaps between disparate groups and forging greater community bonds.

This week in Loudoun County, the Board of Supervisors voted 5-3-1 to limit the size of future “Big Box” stores. This was the culmination of a 3-year effort by a coalition including the NAACP, local religious groups, retirees, and labor, as part of the AFL-CIO’s “We Are One” campaign.

NDP Steering Committee Dan Duncan, President of the Northern Virginia Labor Federation, spoke proudly about the effort and the incredibly diverse coalition, which, he told NDP, was brought together by the cause of protecting local jobs and “keeping Loudoun the way it is.”

The Loudoun vote followed similar successes in Prince William and Fairfax Counties.  Our friends Stevens Miller and Andrea McGimsey spoke out publicly in support of the measure in a dramatic event before the vote on Monday night.

They’re to be congratulated for their foresight and their courage in taking on national (and multinational) economic interests in a cause to concentrate sustainable growth through Virginia companies, creating Virginia jobs.

And we should take heart that this cause could create connections between working families, social justice activists, the elderly, and faith-based groups.

To read more, check out this link.

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