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Thanking Virginia’s Own Navy SEALs — Personally

By Mike Signer | May 6, 2011 | No Comments

Virginia began the nation, and Virginia continues to fight for the nation — as evidenced by our proud military, veterans, and defense communities all around the Commonwealth.  And so it’s no surprise that the team of Virginia Beach-based SEALs who finally took Osama bin Laden down came from the Commonwealth.  Check out this article for more information on these proud sailors and the community that supports them.

Mark Warner has an innovative feature up on his U.S. Senate website — a way to thank the Virginia Navy SEALs who so courageously performed the mission against Osama bin Laden on Sunday night. Check out this link for more:

When you put a comment up, it will be sent to the team of SEALs.  Thanks to Senator Warner for coming up with this easy way so share our thanks.

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