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By Mike Signer | May 17, 2012 | No Comments

Virginia is above what just happened this week in Richmond, where an openly gay prosecutor who used his freedom of speech to challenge a federal law that ultimately was struck down by Congress was penalized by a legislative body for those facts.  Add to this the fact that Tracy Thorne-Beglund was a former Navy fighter pilot, and insult becomes injury.

Let’s get this straight:  a combat veteran and successful prosecutor wanted to be a judge.  He had broad bipartisan support.  Virginia is the birthplace of the freedom of speech and the freedom of association — absolute freedoms that go to the heart of our God-given liberties and our stature as a land of limitless potential.

But then the fact that he’d spoken out against the  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy — which was later democratically struck down by Congress — became cause to vote against him as a district judge.

Not only that, but the floor speeches in Richmond were filled with animus and mockery, falling far short of the level we should expect in Virginia.

A district court judge in Richmond will have virtually nothing to do with any federal policy matters or, really, controversial social matters.

This was an instance of a political take-down — a political rejoinder where this nominee became a pawn in a broader fight.

What a shame.

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