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My Decision on the 2013 Attorney General Race

By Mike Signer | November 15, 2012 | No Comments

The Office of Attorney General in Virginia is a powerful institution for both good and ill.  I’ve worked with the Office for many years, as counsel to then-Governor Mark Warner, as a voting rights attorney, and in my own private practice working with growing Virginia companies.  I’ve been deeply concerned by Ken Cuccinelli’s abuse of the office’s powers, which I have spoken about often through the New Dominion Project PAC.

I was very flattered when Democratic leaders around Virginia asked me last year to consider a run for Attorney General.  This summer, I began exploring a campaign, and I was gratified to receive support from every corner of the Commonwealth, including over 50 sitting Democratic chairs; dozens of current and former elected officials, including Members of Congress, Commonwealth’s Attorneys, State Senators and Delegates, Mayors, and Sheriffs; leaders of major progressive organizations; and leaders within the Virginia Bar.

However, I also was impressed by the campaign of my friend, Senator Mark Herring.  I know that Mark has the values, temperament, and track record to undo the damage of the Cuccinelli years and to be a strong and effective Attorney General for all Virginians.

With the Party’s recent choice of a primary rather than a convention, it’s clear that Mark and I are both facing a costly and divisive primary, with a ruthless and well-financed Republican Party ahead.

With those factors in mind, I have decided it will be best to avoid putting the party, my family, and my supporters through such a process in the coming year.  I’m pleased to announce my support of Mark for Attorney General, and I encourage all my supporters and all Virginians to do the same.

As for the future, I’ve been an active Virginia Democrat for almost 20 years, and the years ahead will be no different.  Most immediately, I’m focused on electing Mark and our other candidates next November.  To that end, I encourage you to visit to sign up for Mark’s email updates, to connect with him on Facebook and Twitter, and to support his campaign politically and financially.

Thank you.

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